Source for Reflections on the Traditional Mysteries

The written reflections for each of the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries contained on our website come from The Mysteries of the Rosary, by Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B., Abbot of Maredsous. They were translated and published by the Monks of Marmion Abbey, Aurora, Illinois. The copyright is by Gerald Benkert, 1949.  As noted below, they have been officially sanctioned by the Church, and are certified to be free from doctrinal error: 

Nihil obstat: Hugh Schuck, O.S.B. Censor deputatus

Imprimi potest: Gerald Benkert, O.S.B. Abbot of Marmion Abbey

Imprimatur: John J. Boylan, D.D. Bishop of Rockford

Source for Reflections on the Luminous Mysteries

The reflections for the Luminous Mysteries have been taken from EWTN's Rosary "Mini Site".  The part of the site dealing with the Luminous Mysteries, from which our reflections were copied, may be accessed directly by clicking here.   

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