About our Combat Rosaries

Through our apostolate Rosaries for Canadian Forces Abroad, Project 59 Canada makes and freely distributes specially made, blessed combat Rosaries. These Rosaries are made by hand from plastic beads and parachute cord to strict, military requirements. They are very durable, lightweight, non-reflective, non-conductive and designed to match one of the three CADPAT camouflage patters currently in use by the Canadian Forces (Temperate Woodland, Arid Regions or Winter Arctic). Rosaries may therefore be easily looped onto the PALS/MOLLE webbing on rucksacks and other parts of a soldier's battle/fighting order kit.

Each Rosary comes shipped in a thick, watertight 4 mil clear ziplock bag, complete with instructions on how to pray the Rosary (French language prayer inserts are also available upon request). All Rosaries are blessed by a Roman Catholic priest prior to shipping, meaning that they are hallowed sacramentals, carrying with them the indelible mark and approbation of the Church.  Please note that blessed sacramentals, like our Rosaries, may not be sold - only given.  As such, our Rosaries are never sold, although donations to cover operating and shipping costs are always appreciated.

To date, Rosaries for Canadian Forces Abroad has shipped over two thousand combat Rosaries to deployed Canadian troops!  Our Rosaries are not just for Catholics, either; indeed, we have heard that Christians of many denominations, along with self-styled agnostics, are making use of our Rosaries - proving that there really are no athiests in foxholes!

Much more information about combat Rosaries may be found on the American Ranger Rosary website, which was the inspiration for our own work here in Canada. We owe them our thanks, and fully credit them with the initial idea of making and supplying Rosaries to deployed Canadian troops.

Obtaining a Combat Rosary for Deployed Canadian Forces Personnel & Their Families

Whether you are a military Chaplain, a Forces member or a family or friend of a deployed serviceman or servicewoman, just send us an e-mail (info-AT-p59-DOT-ca) and tell us what you need.  Indicate your preference for CADPAT-approved camouflage colour scheme:

  • TW - Temperate Woodland (green and black);
  • AR - Arid Regions (desert tan and brown); or
  • WA - Winter Arctic (black and white).

If a Rosary for a spouse or children is also desired, let us know and we'll see what we can do.  We can mail a Rosary directly to any deployed Canadian Forces member provided we are supplied with the correct mailing information and coding.  Chaplains should tell us their needs and also supply proper contact information.  We are also always happy to enclose a short note identifying the person who requested the Rosary, if you wish it to be made known to the soldier receiving it. 

Naturally, there may be a delay in mailing the Rosaries, as this is a volunteer effort and our own families, finances and suppliers affect the timing of our work.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but ask for your understanding and patience.  Thank you!


Our Combat Rosaries

Clockwise from top left:

  • AR - Arid Regions (brown and tan beads on desert camo paracord)
  • WA - Winter Arctic (black and white beads on B&W paracord)
  • TW - Temperate Woodland (black beads on olive paracord)

All of our combat Rosaries are light weight, waterproof, sweatproof, silent, non-conductive, non-reflective, CADPAT camouflage compliant, and capable of being looped onto PALS/MOLLE webbing without the need for malice clips.  Rosaries are shipped in thick 4mil clear ziplock polybags with an Instruction Sheet and Holy Card of Our Lady. 

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