What’s a Rosary? "Rosary" refers to the traditional Christian devotion of praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be prayers while meditating on certain mysteries of the Christian faith; it can also refer to the strand of 59 prayer beads used while praying the Rosary to keep track of the prayers.  Rosary prayers ask for the intercession and protection of Jesus Christ through His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Full instructions and prayers are included with each of our volunteer made Rosaries, while much more information about the Rosary may be found here.  Free enrollment in the official Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary is encouraged, and you may learn more about the obligations and benefits of enrollment here.

How much do the Rosaries cost? Nothing, as we don't sell anything. Our Rosaries are available free of charge to anyone who wants one. Of course, they seem to be costing us a lot more than anticipated, but that’s another story.  Donations are appreciated, but not required to get a Rosary. 

May non-Catholics get a Rosary too? Of course. The only qualification for getting a Rosary from us is that you want one. Regarding our Combat Rosaries, for example, many Protestants and self-styled agnostics deployed in Afghanistan are using them, and one Commanding Officer has even asked that they be made available to his entire unit!

Are all Rosaries (both combat and others) blessed? Yes, all Rosaries from Project 59 Canada have been properly blessed by a Roman Catholic Priest prior to shipment! As blessed sacramentals, our Rosaries are powerful weapons against evil.  Please note that blessed items may never be sold, only given. This is one of the reasons we never sell Rosaries (the other being that we do not want to create any barriers for those who may want one).

I don't understand..."blessed"?  When a validly ordained Roman Catholic Priest blesses an object, he changes the ontological character of the object, rendering it into something set aside for a sacred purpose - in this case, for praying the Rosary.  Blessed objects are also called "sacramentals".  To bless an object, the Priest recites a prayer of blessing over the object while making the sign of the cross over it with his hands.  The object may also be sprinked with Holy Water.  Blessed sacramentals should not be used for profane (i.e. non-religious) purposes (e.g. worn for adornment purely as jewelry).  Sacramentals should be aside for a sacred purpose, as they carry with them the official approbation of the Church.  To put it simply, a blessed object is the opposite of a cursed object.  Without falling into mere superstition, it is usually a good idea to keep a blessed Rosary with you at all times.  Certainly, the soldiers who have received a blessed Rosary from us feel that way!   

What is your canonical status? We are a Private Association of the Christian Faithful erected pursuant to Can. 299 §1 of the Roman Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law, and are based in Toronto, Ontario.  In plain language, that means we’re just ordinary Canadians who make Rosaries and give them away as our way of evangelizing the Christian faith.  As a private association, we are not a part of the Church’s official structure and do not act on behalf of, nor in the name of, the Church or the Canadian Forces.

How can I help? Well, donations to help offset our materials and mailing costs (about $5 per Rosary) are always welcome. PayPal donations should be made to our e-mail address (info-AT-p59-DOT-ca), by clicking here; email us for alternative methods. We are NOT a registered charity, and NO receipt for donations will be issued. Donations are NOT tax deductable.  We would also like to hear from people throughout the country who wish to help by making and/or distributing Rosaries.  If you are a Catholic Priest in the Toronto area, and you wish to become Project 59 Canada's chaplain and advisor, please contact us directly at the same email address (above).  Finally, in your charity, please remember to pray for us and all those who have been touched by our outreach efforts.  May God bless you all.   

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